Tuesday 23rd April 2019

Stock markets to hold Muhurat trading session on Diwali

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Mumbai, 29 Oct : The Indian equity markets will hold a special “Muhurat” trading session to mark the start of the Hindu New Year on Sunday.

The special trading session is held every year on Diwali.

The annual one-hour special “Muhurat” session will be held between 6.15 p.m and 7.30 p.m.

The session is considered to be auspicious for stock market trading. It is believed that the “Muhurat” trading on this day brings wealth and prosperity throughout the year.

This ritual has been observed for ages by the trading community.

The session will mark the start of the Hindu New Year — Samvat 2073.

Till date in Samvat 2072, the barometer index gained 2,074.56 points or 8.02 per cent, whereas the NSE Nifty swelled by 813 points or 10.38 per cent.

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