Friday 24th May 2019

UN Secretary General visits Golden Temple

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Amritsar, 03 October (Sonia) : UN Secretary-General in Shri Harmandir Sahib – “I pay tribute to the Sikh Community worldwide”

United Nations Secretary-General- António Guterres today visited Shri Harmandir Sahib- a true heaven on Earth and became fully immersed in the divine experience.

With a big Punjabi, especially Sikh, population settled in countries like Canada, Britain, Europe, and the United States, a visit to the temple by the foreign leaders is becoming a must on their travel itinerary in India.

Earlier Queen Elizabeth and her Husband, Price Phillip; British Prime Minister David Cameron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have offered prayers. The list is endless.

And now, United Nations Secretary-General- António Guterres today visited Golden Temple, where SGPC honored him with Saropa and books on Sikhism.

He wrote, “I pay tribute to the Sikh community worldwide and I express my deep respect for this Holy place where all religions are accepted in a wonderful demonstration of enthusiasm, love and tolerance.”

He also said that there are many religious places in the world that don’t let a person of another religion enter their holy place.

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