Monday 20th May 2019

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s reply to 7-year-old girl’s job application

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A 7-year old British girl wrote a letter to Google, asking for a job in the company and surprisingly enough got a reply to it as well. The reply to Chloe Bridgewater’s letter was sent by none other than the Google CEO ‘Sundar Pichai’.
Andy Bridgewater, the girl’s father, shared a post on his LinkedIn account mentioning how his daughter was impressed with an image of the Google office having bean bags, go karts and slides. The girl then decided to write a letter to Google asking for a job.

The girl very cleverly writes how she likes swimming, computers and playing games on her tab. She also mentions her good performance in her class and how her father motivates her to learn computers and get a job at Google in the future.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai replied to the girl letter thanking her for her letter. He appreciated the girl’s ambitions and encouraged her to work hard towards her goals.
Pichai mentioned that he will be waiting for Chloe’s job application once she is done with school.
Andy clearly mentions how his daughter is now even more enthusiastic to work harder in school and ultimately land a job in Google.


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