Wednesday 18th September 2019

In Russia, Modi makes veiled attack on Pakistan over terror

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St Petersburg, 2 June 2017 : In a veiled attack on Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it is countries which arm, finance and provide communication support to terrorists and called upon all nations to rise above ideas like “good terrorism, bad terrorism” to save humanity from destruction.

“Look at the discourse on terrorism. Terrorists do not manufacture weapons. Some country must be giving them. They do not print currency. But some country must be bank rolling them. They don’t have telecommunication system and social media. Somebody must be providing them such facilities,” he said in an oblique reference to support to terrorists from across the border in reply to a question at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) with Russian President Vladimir Putin by his side.

Seeking to disapprove the tendencies among some countries to see terrorism in different light, Modi said,

“some countries… good terrorism, bad terrorism, my terrorism, your terrorism. They should come out of this mindset. This is basically an issue of humanity and security of humanity. Only then we will be able to fight the war against terrorism.”

Tracing India’s tryst with terrorism from the 1980s, he said at one time the world did not know anything about terrorism. Some thought it was a law and order issue. Then some began to realise that it was a little more than law and order and then they recognised something about terrorism. But still they thought it did not affect them.

“But only after 9/11 the world as a whole realised what is terrorism and how dangerous it is. There are no boundaries for it. It has no country of its own. Wherever there is humanity, terrorism is there to destroy it,” he said.

In this situation, the Prime Minister said, the need of the hour is for the countries and forces of humanity to rise above these debates and come together to fight this menace.

Pointing to the presence of UN Secretary General Antonio Guiterres at the forum, he said there has been a resolution on terrorism lying at the world body for the last 40 years.

“They are still discussing the definition of terrorism. Who is a terrorist and who should be considered as a supporter of terrorist. What should be the world’s view about him. Forty years have passed. Everybody is showing concern but there is no discussion or debate on the resolution. I am happy yesterday President Putin declared in public that Russia would take up the resolution in the UN.”

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